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Get a grip on your projects

Project-based approach

Implementing new software ensures the necessary changes within your organization. You want to make sure that this is done properly. The Qexpertise project manager is your main point of contact during the various project phases.

Our project managers are responsible for the implementation of the activities that have been laid down in the project plan in consultation with you. They ensure that the agreed activities are delivered on time and within budget. They are also empowered to make decisions within the allowed tolerances of the project being managed on a “management by exception” basis.

Why a project manager?

The project manager supervises your project and has the following tasks:

The basis of a successful project

Qexpertise project approach

In the implementation of your project, we use the following phases per project and / or sub-project:

1. Initiation
In this phase, the kick-off is given by a global inventory and a first visit to the customer. During this visit, a provisional scope will be formulated and the customer will be left with a decision / decision for an (impact) analysis.
2. (Impact) analysis
It is investigated whether and how your processes match the possibilities of the software and where there are any bottlenecks. This is presented in the form of an advisory report. This will also state the next steps with any indications of the project.
3. Plan of action
If the applicability of the chosen solution direction is established and the feasibility has already been determined financially, a plan of action is written. This plan includes the phases outlined according to the go-live date, milestones, responsibilities, etc.
4. Implementation
The software is set up as determined in the advisory report. The action plan forms the guideline for the total implementation. A project manager from Qexpertise communicates with the customer’s internal project manager and monitors progress, points out their tasks to the parties and immediately acts when schedules are not met.
5. Aftercare
After the system has been delivered operationally, the Qexpertise consultant supports the implementation of the software, depending on the customer’s needs. In addition, a customer-specific management agreement is concluded with the customer. The management agreement consists of requested additional support in the form of additional consultancy, project management and support services.


Would you like to know more about our project approach or would you like to make use of a Qexpertise project manager?

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