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TRIMIT Webshops & Web Portals

Industry Specific Software Solutions

TRIMIT Ecommerce

With the purchase of TRIMIT software you have the possibility to directly use an integrated webshop or web portal for your suppliers, customers and sales agents. This direct integration increases collaboration with your customers and partners and ensures greater customer satisfaction. The ability to place orders, provide insight into available stock, promotional prices or other information relevant to your relations ensures better service and cooperation.

In addition, the integrated webshop or web portal communicates directly with the ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The benefits of TRIMIT Ecommerce for your business

With TRIMIT Ecommerce applications you are able to better serve your relations. TRIMIT offers the following options:

You get the integrated webshop and web portals at TRIMIT fashion, TRIMIT Furniture, TRIMIT Manufacturing and TRIMIT Configuration.

TRIMIT Ecommerce

Industry Specific Software Solutions

It is very easy to start an online B2B/B2C webshop or web portal in your industry with TRIMIT’s ecommerce solution. Everything is directly at your disposal and you can start using it whenever you want.

TRIMIT B2C webshop

TRIMIT B2C webshop is an integrated software solution that works on Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV / Business Central to eliminate various challenges for omnichannel companies. Sell to customers via computer or mobile devices.


  • Omnichannel: by being present at the customer you improve responsiveness and revenue.
  • Extensive features: standard checkout, wish lists, payment processing and customer loyalty programs.
  • ERP Integration: Easily export product and item information to customer-facing channels from one dashboard without bugs or other issues.
  • Brand Alignment: Social presence and a customizable web store with a clear omnichannel strategy.

TRIMIT B2B webshop

Improve the efficiency of your store operations and bottom line with TRIMIT’s integrated B2B e-commerce solution. Give your partners access to information about products and stocks, as well as account statements and orders.


  • Increase revenue: Support partners by providing customer service with timely knowledge of inventory and new products.
  • Simplify processes: Place and track orders, view the accounting from the store or by mobile.
  • Avoid red tape: Cut administrative work in half and build a profitable retail chain.
  • Data availability: All information in one system and automatically sent to retail partners.
  • Returns: Start your webshop immediately with TRIMIT Ecommerce.

You can also use the Sales Agent Portal, InStore, Supplier Portal, PIR and InSite. With these TRIMIT tools you receive orders directly from sales agents, you give customers the best service in your physical store, you can easily exchange information with suppliers, you easily manage your product information online and you get statistics and insights into your business.


HVEG Fashion Group

“The collaboration with Qexpertise is very pleasant. We are very satisfied with both the TRIMIT solution and the Qexpertise team. The team has a lot of knowledge and experience, and our consultant also has a lot of specific industry knowledge, she understands very well how processes work at our type of companies, which switches very easily. We certainly still have a lot of ambition to set up things together in the future.

Discover the power of TRIMIT webshops & web portals

Qexpertise helps organizations work more efficiently to quickly recoup their investments. Our variety of software solutions offers us the unique opportunity to offer your organization the solution for your automation issue.


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