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Software for fashion, furniture and manufacturing industry


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

What is TRIMIT Software?

TRIMIT offers industry-specific functionalities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV with its software. These software solutions are divided into:

Advantages such as handling variants, automatically creating production orders, seamless automation of manual processes, webshops and supply chain optimizations ensure that you do more with fewer resources and achieve more profit.

All this without having to worry about annoying deployments, endless customizations and constant, expensive upgrades!


TRIMIT, a Danish independent software supplier (ISV), founded in 1990, has included feedback from dozens of market leaders such as Myrine Antwerp, Silverline and Halton Group Americas to develop three revolutionary Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for the fashion, furniture and manufacturing industries.

TRIMIT enjoys a market reputation as a progressive, agile and customer-aware company that simplifies complicated business workflows with a selection of user-friendly and highly effective pre-built features.

Cloud-based ERP software for fashion, furniture & manufacturing

Replace costly customizations of Microsoft Dynamics NAV/ Dynamics 365 Business Central with a flexible and easily adjustable standard software solution. The TRIMIT solutions are designed to solve the challenges faced by companies in the fashion, furniture and manufacturing industries. For companies in the fashion, furniture or manufacturing industry, the general ERP, Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central, often does not cover all business needs without customization.

The TRIMIT solutions are ready-made standard software solutions for these industries based on Dynamics NAV / Business Central.

Since 1990, TRIMIT solutions have been packed with industry expertise and solve the unique business challenges of the fashion, furniture and manufacturing industries.


Minimize the need for adjustments

The TRIMIT solution adds industry-specific capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central – not by replacing functionality of the ERP solution, but by expanding and improving existing functionality.

Dynamics NAV / Business Central in combination with TRIMIT cover most of a company’s requirements, minimizing the need for customization. Every company adapts the system by adjusting parameters – not by programming adjustments.

Developed on the basis of industry knowledge
The functionality in TRIMIT is developed in a close dialogue with partners and customers. Their knowledge and experience are used to continuously advance the software solution. With TRIMIT, current and new customers can benefit from knowledge and experience built into the solution since 1990.

Zero cost upgrade
When a new version of Dynamics NAV/Business Central is released, a new version of TRIMIT is released at the same time and made available to all customers.

TRIMIT is easy to update. This means that you always have the latest Microsoft technology. Trimit therefore always meets the market requirements and ensures that your company is up-to-date.

You want to stay informed and take advantage of new developments with a standard solution based on the latest technology. This is exactly what TRIMIT does.

TRIMIT Fashion

Make your fashion business successful with TRIMIT Fashion software. Make your day easier, more efficient and more profitable by choosing one industry-specific software. Use an ERP software to manage and grow your fashion business. Because the software is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you are 100% assured of quality.

TRIMIT Furniture

As a manufacturer or supplier in the furniture industry, you naturally want to satisfy your customers by offering a wide range of products. It is very important that everything is coordinated and maintained in the right way. Use TRIMIT Furniture, an ERP software that allows you to improve your business and work more efficiently. You get one platform that everyone can work with.

TRIMIT Production

Having the right materials on time, stock overviews and good planning. Every production company needs this to be able to grow in the future. With digital order processing, your employees know what needs to be done on the work floor and when it needs to happen. In addition, you get smart and affordable solutions that give you a grip on all the financial figures of your production company.

TRIMIT Configuration

Do you produce or supply different products in different variants? Then you probably know how complex it is to manage this. Especially if you use multiple systems that are not linked to each other. Use TRIMIT Configuration and simplify product configuration. You get a product configurator and sales configurator to easily carry out these kinds of actions.

Web shops and web portals are integrated within all of these ERP software solutions from TRIMIT. Just choose a functionality and create the corporate identity of your brand in a specific theme and start selling. Take control of all business processes with a single software platform, TRIMIT.

Solving industry-specific challenges

TRIMIT benefits

Replace costly customization with a modern application from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and solve different industry-specific obstacles. Benefits of TRIMIT:

  • Cloud-based software solution suitable for multiple devices
  • Easy and fast implementation
  • Always access to data and different user skills
  • Better grip on your IT costs
  • Parameter setup
  • No programmers because adoption of functionality

TRIMIT Business cases

Satelliet Meubelen

“We are very satisfied with the people we work with, says Edwin finally. For example, Marjo Hertogh, NAV consultant at Qexpertise, specifically made a number of improvement proposals for us. For example, receiving goods at our logistics center was very labor-intensive. We had to perform many actions, which increased the probability of error. By organizing this process differently with TRIMIT software, we can now do the same work, so to speak, at the touch of a button, and fewer errors occur.

We experience a pleasant cooperation. There is a quick response and the team consists of skilled people who are also involved with our system in terms of content.”

Discover the power of TRIMIT software

Qexpertise helps organizations work more efficiently to quickly recoup their investments. Our variety of software solutions offers us the unique opportunity to offer your organization the solution for your automation issue.


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