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Limit manual data entry when processing financial documents

Document Capture

Limit manual work

Digitize administration​

The dream for every financial employee is to limit manual work when entering documents. Document Capture makes it possible to digitize your administration and connect it seamlessly to your ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Previously this was: Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

All relevant documents are automatically moved to the corresponding fields in 365 Business Central. This ensures that incoming documents are registered quickly and efficiently.

  • Save time with automatic data entry
  • Communicate effectively with suppliers around the world
  • All documents organized in 1 place for a streamlined document handling

Simple automatic invoice processing

Document Capture Continia is also an invoice processing software. It enables electronic invoice processing, whereby the software can automatically read invoices. The software streamlines the processing and management of purchase invoices with many new features, such as: automatic seller detection, document overviews, incoming registration and much more.

The invoices are loaded in Business Central. The invoices are then automatically read, because you have registered a preset template. With this information, Document Capture extracts all the important information from your invoices.

Invoices are automatically linked to existing purchase orders or receipts, both approved and posted, when the amount falls within the defined thresholds.

After this process, the invoices are ready to be approved.

Invoice approval made easy

How does Document Capture Continuous work?

Document Capture automatically processes all your sales orders, purchase invoices, invoices and credit notes.

Step 1: Receive the documents

All documents are downloaded from a preset email address. The program supports many document formats. For example: PDF files, electronic invoices and even XML files.

When paper documents are still being used, you can scan them and this data will also be entered automatically.

Step 2: Reading the documents

Document Capture recognizes the different lines in the documents. You set the rules. Then these lines are transferred to purchase lines.

Step 3: Loading the information into Business Central

All data is loaded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Center. All relevant information in the documents is automatically moved to the corresponding fields in Microsoft Dynamics, so that incoming documents are registered quickly and efficiently.

Instantly approve invoices

Efficient approval workflow organization wide

When an invoice is loaded in Business Central, it can be approved. Invoice approval can be done directly in Business Central or online using a web browser.

This gives everyone in the organization access to the approval workflow. Approvers can view the original invoice on screen and accept it, put it on hold, or forward it to another person for review or approval. Comments can also be added easily.

With Continia Web Approval Portal, all employees without direct access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV can use the same possibilities to approve invoices and other documents.

Easy to approach

Anytime, anywhere access to your documents

The digital archive of Continia Document Capture contains all PDF files and scanned documents, which can be easily accessed from Microsoft Dynamics 365. You can open the original PDF invoice from the posted invoice card or the general ledger access screen in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The digital archive is fully indexed, which means that you can search for any text in documents, even if the information has not been moved to a field within Microsoft Dynamics.

This makes it possible to search for a specific reference number, serial number or any other information on purchase invoices and other documents.

Scan invoices digitally with Document Capture​

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