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Automatic API connection between Exact and Microsoft


A solution that fits seamlessly

Automatic integration between Exact and Microsoft

For customers, Qexpertise has developed a building block that ensures the integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, 365 Field Service and Exact Globe, called ConnExact.

A smart communication relationship management system brings data, processes and people together. That is why an efficient and good CRM solution is the wish of every organization. As an organization you work with a specific ERP system. Choose a CRM solution that connects seamlessly with an ERP system. However, this does not have to be a CRM solution within the current ERP environment.

With satisfaction and years of use of Exact Globe Next, it is more common to want a solution in combination with 365 Sales and 365 Field Service. This is because there is a preference to work with Microsoft products and Office 365 seamlessly connects to these products.

How does ConnExact work?

This building block is called ConnExact. With this we bring the two worlds of Exact and Microsoft together.

Your systems are linked by means of a web API. An API is an Application Program Interface. Exact Globe Next can be linked to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Field Service by means of an API. A connection is established through this Exact API connection.

The API is combined with an HTTPS certificate. This ensures a secure connection. Qexpertise takes care of the complete installation, of course including a server account with Exact Globe Next access on which the API can run.

Why a connection with Microsoft?

When you use Exact software, you often miss a connection with another system or software package. For example, Microsoft Office 365 Sales. You then have to manually transfer data from Exact to Microsoft.

With our ConnExact API this is no longer necessary. We securely link Exact to your Microsoft Sales system.

The advantages of our ConnExact API connection

Combine the best of Microsoft Dynamics and Exact Globe

The Exact Globe Next implementation allows you to import data into Microsoft 365 Sales and Field Service. But this works both ways. This way you can enrich Exact with data from Microsoft 365 Sales and Field Service.

We give two examples where ConnExact helps to optimize your business processes.

Optimization process from quote to order

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is leading for all input in the field of relations, contacts and quotations. By default, fields are already defined in the link. Fields can of course be added to this.

When a prospect becomes a customer, you immediately want to have all data in Exact. Thanks to the Exact API connection, you do not have to enter the data again.

An example of a trigger: if the customer type concerns a prospect, it is not yet forwarded to Exact. If a quotation is won, the customer type changes from prospect to customer and is automatically transferred to Exact Globe Next.

In addition, an order can also be automatically entered into Exact after a won quotation from Microsoft Dynamics Sales. As a result, the sales process connects seamlessly with the sales process.

Quotes with recent product information

ConnExact can also be used to import your (compiled) items and price lists from Exact Globe into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

So you can easily prepare your quotes in Dynamics 365 Sales with the latest articles and information from your Exact Globe Next environment.

The synchronization frequency can be set per component according to your wishes. In this way it is not necessary to give the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Field Service users access to Exact Globe Next.

Discover the power of ConnExact

Qexpertise helps organizations work more efficiently to quickly recoup their investments. Our variety of software solutions offers us the unique opportunity to offer your organization the solution for your automation issue.


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