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Develop your own import and export interface


Importing sales or purchase orders, exporting inventory and price lists, linking data files, and connecting online stores. These are just a few examples of what you can do with ConnectIT.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central has some import and export functions, such as a rapid start function, but there are many cases where this is simply not enough. You want more control over your interfaces, more control over how data is validated and processed, and more control over how data is structured and formatted. You may also want to schedule your imports or automatically export them to an FTP server or connect to a web service.

That is why many customers use ConnectIT; an advanced integration suite for Dynamics NAV/Business Central that can be used by both people with limited technical skills and developers.

Connectivity means productivity

We’ve already mentioned a few, but here’s the longer list of examples of what can be done with ConnectIT;


Develop interfaces in an instant

Traditionally, building an interface can be a time-consuming and technically complex task. Not with ConnectIT. This solution elegantly guides you through the process. Even if you don’t have advanced technical knowledge! This saves you both time and money. Once your new interface is running, maintenance is just as easy. Everything you need is available in this flexible and easy-to-use toolbox.

ConnectIT is fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central so it can help you with even the most specific tasks. Again, just create the interfaces you need.

No encryption required – Advanced encryption capabilities

Anyone can open ConnectIT and create interfaces just by clicking buttons, selecting fields, and adding settings on how the interface should behave. But this wouldn’t be a very sophisticated integration studio if you couldn’t go beyond that. So, if you’re a developer and want to use C/AL code to add more logic, go ahead and write all the custom code units and features you want. Define variables, manipulate their data, and use them as parameters for (custom) functions. All this means that there are almost no limits to what you can do with ConnectIT.

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