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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Optimal support for the sales department

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales?

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM), you can give your sales department a grip on all commercial activities within the company. This smart CRM software helps further streamline your sales processes and creates new opportunities for the business.

Dynamics 365 Sales provides insight into the performance of the sales department and the effectiveness of marketing activities and optimizes your services to customers. For example, you can easily link tools that your sales department is using, such as LinkedIn and Outlook. It is possible to directly save information from the e-mails in the Microsoft CRM software.

Your salespeople spend less time looking for sales opportunities because they can use lead scoring, best next offer analysis and opportunity scoring in Dynamics 365 sales. This allows your sales department to focus on more important things, such as negotiating these deals.

Qexpertise is happy to help you implement different Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. Thanks to our many years of knowledge and experience, we contribute to the success of your organization.

The benefits of Dynamics 365 sales for you as a company

Dynamics 365 Sales gives you as a company a better insight into and control over the activities of your existing relations and prospects. This ultimately leads to:

By creating playbook templates for common scenarios, sales and account managers are automatically notified when a certain situation arises. Think of a customer who cancels the collaboration or an expiring contract. With Microsoft CRM software, your organization is always informed and you are always on time.

A Cloud solution from Microsoft

Start with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales right away

Because Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is offered as a cloud solution, there is no need to invest in IT infrastructure. Network servers and devices for data storage and backups can therefore be phased out.

Buy now and start immediately. Without installation costs. However, the layout must be determined jointly because no company uses the same method.

Qexpertise helps translate the desired working method into a solid design. Giving employees access to Dynamics 365 Sales is quick and easy to arrange. By means of roles and rights to be defined together, you ensure that the co-breeder is directly facilitated with the possibilities of use relevant to that person. These employees can then log in to all common devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It’s so easy.

Do you want to build lifelong customer relationships? Then we advise you to look at 365 Customer Service. With 365 Field Service you can quickly respond to outages and notifications from your customers and solve their problems immediately.

Dynamics 365 platform

Dynamics 365 improves collaboration between different departments within the organization because everyone will work with the same information. Optimize the lead generation and sales process by linking 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Marketing. After this, you complete the customer profile with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with more data.

One central place

Everything in one place by connecting commonly used tools such as Teams, LinkedIn and Outlook. Improve the sales process by storing all the information about customer contact in one central place. Your sales department even receives personalized conversation suggestions in Outlook.

KPIs en dashboards

Through AI applications and smart analytics you receive automatically generated best next offer analyses and opportunity scoring. As a result, a salesperson can spend less time finding new sales opportunities and more time winning deals.

Sales opportunity

Do you want to provide insight into the results of the sales team? With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales you can see the results per salesperson, customer group and product in the total funnel. Track all performance using real-time KPIs and dashboard to improve the effectiveness of your organization’s sales efforts.

Discover the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Qexpertise helps organizations work more efficiently to quickly recoup their investments. Our variety of software solutions offers us the unique opportunity to offer your organization the solution for your automation issue.


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