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Connect customers through a personalized experience

Dynamics 365 marketing

Personalized marketing

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing?

We live in a time where everyone makes quick, easy and online purchases. We miss the personal attention. That is why it is important to start with one-on-one marketing. We want to be treated as individuals. By personalizing our marketing, customers are seen. They connect and establish a meaningful relationship with your company.

With the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing as a Marketing Automation platform, you can easily personalize and automate customer experiences.

Advantages of Dynamics 365 Marketing

Keep great contact with interested clients

Event triggers for customer-driven experiences

Within Dynamics 365 Marketing you can set or create event triggers yourself. You set up events, such as sending an email, that are associated with customer interactions.

This prevents customers from being emailed too often who are not interested. By focusing on customer interactions, you draw your customers deeper and deeper into the funnel. This way you only have the customers who are really interested in your product/service.

You can apply this to all channels, such as: social media, SMS, emails, etc. You can design customer-driven experiences yourself. When a client does A, B happens. You can set this in a simple interface.

Personalize customer experiences with the aid of Artificial Intelligence

With Marketing Automation you want to make all content as personal as possible. With Dynamics 365 Marketing you can make mailings personal, by automatically providing everything with the right information.

In addition, you can also choose to use AI to compose your emails. All content will then be loaded automatically. This is called the AI-powered mail editor.

Finally, you can easily connect to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. This way you immediately have all data about customers who have visited your website. Which you can then use again to personalize the customer experience

Work easily and transparent

Seamless connection between all Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is an app within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics is an ERP system in which all business processes connect seamlessly.

By working in the cloud, the entire organization has insights into all data. Everyone is aligned. When the marketing team has all the insights, they can easily pick up on new campaigns and (re)use the content material.

This way you can enter into a seamless collaboration with sales. Because sending periodic e-mails, newsletters and personal reports can lead to a (potential) sale. Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales you then have insights into all marketing activities.

After a sale, Dynamics 365 Marketing makes it easy to design a customer journey that asks for feedback. Emails with a feedback form are sent automatically. You can then respond to feedback with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

Build a relationship of trust with your customers

We are happy to help you build a relationship of trust with your customers. We are happy to show you the possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing in a free Demo. The demo is completely non-binding.


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