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Build lifetime customer relationships

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Optimal support for the service department

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you as an organization want to put your customer first. You want to build a long-term relationship and want to understand your customer’s challenges. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service strengthens and enhances the customer experience at all levels.

You offer your employees a solution that gives them all the relevant information from your customers at their fingertips. You are able to help your customers directly and your employee can better respond to the need. Integration features such as chats also provide a direct on-demand interactive experience. By using self-service portals you give your customer the opportunity to arrange things yourself. It’s so easy.

We are happy to help you. Microsoft Dynamics is in our DNA and therefore we are the right partner for you to implement this ERP software in your organization.

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service allows you as a company to manage and link all your service within a single system. This ultimately leads to:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Build lifelong customer relationships and improve customer service

Building a trusting relationship with the customer is important if your goal is long-term growth. That’s why you want to know and understand as much as possible about your customers’ challenges. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service you offer exceptional customer experience and at the same time you optimize the customer service department.

Managing Knowledge Articles in Customer Service enables you to streamline routine questions and simplify more complex issues. Through Outlook and SharePoint Integration, all your customer data is on a single, expandable platform. Power Automate makes it possible to integrate with different flat shapes.

365 Customer Service offers optimization of activities and interactions by offering a centralized place where customer and case specific aspects can be managed.

This is only one of the components that Microsoft Dynamics supports. Are you looking for something different? Then take a look at Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Field Service or Dynamics 365 Marketing.

With this intelligent service you can find new trends, receive important information about customer behavior and seize new opportunities faster. All this is clearly laid out in graphs and interactive dashboards, with which your employees can improve customer overall satisfaction.

Omnichannel engagement

You give the customer a choice of how your organization provides service, for example by accessing an self-service portal or on location. All information can be found within the platform, so that employees can support your customers. By linking to 365 Customer Insights, you can even proactively solve your customers’ problems through AI and smart dashboards.

Common source of knowledge

Your customers and employees always have access to the same knowledge. This improves the productivity of your employees and the satisfaction of your customers. 365 Customer Service helps you with bots that provide recommendations based on relevant customer information stored in the CRM system. Your organization is now able to respond to the challenges of the customer via telephone, SMS, e-mail and even Facebook Messenger!

Online self-service portal

Give your customers the choice to arrange their own affairs by means of an online self-service portal. You can build a knowledge base of frequently asked questions within this portal, so that customers are able to solve problems themselves. This saves time and therefore costs for your organization, because no action is required from your customer service department.

High-quality customer service

This cloud-based solution improves customer service because customers can approach you through different communication channels. In addition, you proactively solve problems with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and immediately respond to customer needs. Customer satisfaction will be improved further through personal customer service.

Discover the power of Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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