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Sumatra software

Sumatra software

Dashboard and reports​

The need for operational reports is often underestimated. Within an organization, appropriate action must be taken in various situations. Insight into the current figures is then necessary. Sumatra software is extremely suitable for this.

Organizations often still use the traditional Excel reports. These are stored and distributed throughout the organization. In the meantime, the numbers have changed again. The reports are therefore outdated and necessary figures are not available.

In short, you are always behind the times. With Sumatra’s interactive reporting software you are always up-to-date. The reports are available for the entire organization and the figures are always up to date.

Benefits of Sumatra software

By making data from operational processes complete, real-time and interactively available, you get an overview through insight. Sumatra interactive reporting software provides the best insight into Exact Software and Microsoft Dynamics. The advantages of Sumatra Operational Intelligence:


Reporting software for Dynamics NAV & Business Central ​

Sumatra has already fully mapped the database of Microsoft Dynamics and Business Central. So it is not necessary to connect tables yourself with the software. The implementation can therefore take place quickly and easily.

The software is accessible to everyone. You are no longer dependent on your IT department to view figures. The Sumatra server retrieves real-time information directly from the SQL database(s). So you can start right away, because no data warehouse is required.

How does Sumatra software work?

Sumatra asks very small questions (queries) to the database of your organization. All questions and answers are linked together. The advantage of this is that the server is not heavily loaded. So everything takes place on the server. This results in fast Microsoft Dynamics dashboards with real-time information.

Overview of all company data

By making data from operational processes available in a complete, real-time and interactive manner, you gain an overview through insight. Sumatra interactive business reporting software provides the best insight into Exact Software and Microsoft Dynamics.

The difference between Business Intelligence and Operational Intelligence software

What are the biggest differences between BI and OI? Business Intelligence software is made for people who really have the time for it. You can make free analyses. Data analysts and marketers have plenty of time to dive into data and draw conclusions.

Yet many people within an organization need the same data. They just don’t have the time to make extensive analyses. Here Operational Intelligence offers the solution with real-time data.

Available to everyone on any device

Another big difference is accessibility. Sumatra Operational Intelligence software is accessible to everyone within the organization. So you do not need a Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Exact Software license.

Everyone has access to all data via their computer, tablet, notebook or smartphone. This improves the provision of information inside and outside your company.

Reports for every layer in the organization

Sumatra does not only provide information to management. It also targets the large layer below. Sumatra Operational Intelligence retrieves current information from Microsoft Dynamics and Exact software. This is made available throughout the organization in a simple design.

No data warehouse is needed

Business Intelligence software retrieves data from a data warehouse. Sumatra does not do this. This saves a lot of time and costs. You do not have to maintain a data warehouse.

Because the data is retrieved directly from the database, you do not only have information in outline. No, you can also view all details and documents.


Lightning-fast reports with Sumatra

Often people still work in Excel. Making a report in Excel is manual work and takes a lot of time. With Sumatra’s business reporting software: Report Wizard, you can create a report at the touch of a button.

The possibilities are endless. Create a KPI dashboard, ad-hoc lists, pivot tables, periodic reports, etc. These are shown in interactive overviews. Zoom in on the smallest details or see the total picture.

The possibilities of Sumatra Operational Intelligence are endless.

Discover the power of Sumatra software

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