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Silver Essence

You have your business software in order. But more people within your organization need access to that data. You want to involve more people, including from outside your organization, in your daily processes through a Portal.

Silver Essence can design and build such a Portal. With which your employees, customers, suppliers, volunteers, whoever you want, can get access. Of course in a safe way so that everyone has access to that information that you want to make available.

The Digital Enterprise

We’re all doing more and more online. Within many companies this is still done via email or via all kinds of lists in Excel. Or through all kinds of individual applications. Who in themselves do what they have to do, but who can hardly connect with each other.

There comes a time when all these separate processes and systems will work against you. Then it’s time for a different approach. A central Portal that everyone involved has access to, so that you get a good overview and have key figures in order. So that you can grow as a company.

Silver Essence

Portals with Silver Essence

Through Portals we can access the information from your business systems. And make it available to employees, customers or suppliers through a personalized environment. Anyone who needs the information has access to that information. Of course shielded via rights and rolls. So they don’t get to see more than what’s necessary for them.

Through Portals, your customers or suppliers are also directly involved in your business processes. They can start, approve, or shut down processes. What processes are those? That’s up to you. And because the processes are digitized, you get a better insight into any bottlenecks and you can optimize processes. And the financial results of these processes can also be booked directly into your business systems.

EXACT cases

Want to make the move to a Digital Enterprise?

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