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Digitization of purchase invoices

Scan Sys ImageCapture

ImageCapture for Invoices

Digital invoice processing

At many organizations and institutions, thousands of purchase invoices are manually scanned and entered every year. This is a time-consuming task for the administrative staff. For example, when a paper invoice must be sent and approved by budget holders. Subsequently, these invoices quickly disappear into the archive and are not easy to find.

The manual process is extremely error-prone because invoices can sometimes be lost or entered incorrectly. In addition, it costs archive space that could be better spent. 

Because of these disadvantages, it makes more sense to process purchase invoices digitally. An important advantage of this is that it is much more environmentally friendly. Scan Sys ImageCapture software has been developed to simplify the digitization process.

Integration with Exact products

What is ScanSys ImageCapture?

Scan Sys ImageCapture for invoices processing is intelligent scanning software that simplifies your administration. Thanks to ImageCapture, your purchase and sales invoices are quickly scanned digitally and booked in Exact. Because the software integrates seamlessly with Exact Globe Next, Exact Financials and Exact Online, periodic synchronization of the master tables is not necessary.

Scan Sys has been the specialist in the field of incoming invoice processing for many years. By automatically scanning and processing incoming invoices, you save a lot of time. The result is that you always have access and insight to your administration.

The benefits of ImageCapture software

ImageCapture invoices processing software offers you as a company the possibility to process all your incoming invoices automatically and digitally. This ultimately has the following advantages:


Digital OCR invoice recognition

Scan Sys ImageCapture software has been developed specifically for the automated processing of purchase and turnover invoices. With this invoice scanning software you get OCR (Optical Character Recognition) recognition in your invoices. After this, invoices can be automatically linked to creditors.

Invoices are scanned in batches or read in as a digital file. The intelligent OCR invoice recognition then reads the field positions such as invoice number, date and amounts. It is not necessary to define recognition masks or templates for your creditors. Due to the intelligence of the software, there is already a very high degree of recognition of the various data on an invoice, even without a template.

Scan Sys ImageCapture Customer case


“Initially, we only did the invoicing in Exact. We had been looking for a solution for some time that would allow us to automate all administrative processes. To be able to process invoices automatically, we started using Scan Sys ImageCapture. This gives us a future-proof solution that covers the reliability of our administration for one hundred percent. Everything works fine with Qexpertise and that trust has never been damaged.”

Digital invoice processing with Scan Sys ImageCapture

Qexpertise helps organizations and companies work more efficiently by using Scan Sys ImageCapture software. Request a demo or fill in the contact form below. Our experts will then contact you quickly.


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