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Digitizing purchase invoices

ImageCapture for Invoices

Many organizations and institutions process thousands of purchase invoices manually every year. This is a process that requires a lot of time and attention from the employees on the administration. Invoices are manually posted and submitted to the budget holders for control and approval, after which the invoices disappear in the archive. Not only is this manual process a time-consuming activity, it is also very error-prone. Invoices can be lost and valuable archive space is seized.

ImageCapture for Invoices is intelligent software that easily processes and books your digital and paper invoices digitally in Exact. Because ImageCapture integrates seamlessly with Exact Globe Next and Exact Financials, periodic synchronization of the master tables is not necessary. ImageCapture is a product of 25 years of knowledge and experience. It is not for nothing that Scan Sys has been a market leader in incoming invoice processing for years. By processing incoming invoices automatically, you cut these time-consuming and costly actions out of the processing process and you always have access to your administration.

The benefits for you as a company at a glance

ImageCapture for Invoices allows you as a company to process all your incoming invoices automatically.  This eventually leads to:

ImageCapture for Invoices

Save valuable time booking your purchase invoices with ImageCapture for Invoices!

ImageCapture for Invoices is available specifically for the automated processing of purchase and turnover invoices. This variant offers the possibility, based on OCR recognition invoices, which are scanned batch-based or read directly as a digital file, automatically identify and link them to the relevant creditor or debtor, after which field positions such as invoice number, date, amounts and the like can be read via intelligent OCR recognition. This does not require defining recognition masks, templates, for all your creditors or debtors first. Recognition takes place with a very high degree of recognition entirely on the basis of free form recognition.

EXACT cases

Automated processing and archiving of purchase and turnover invoices

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