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CRM “Out of the Box”


Many companies are looking for a CRM solution. Within Exact Synergy, this can be tailor-made for a customer. This means that it must be known in advance how you want to support and set up your sales processes. This is often a time-consuming affair, because we will sit down with you to find out how you want to set up these processes. With QCRM you get a solution where we have set up a template in advance that we can import for you in one go. This means that we import request, document types and opportunities based on best practice experiences. In addition, you will receive a number of standard dashboards and we have added an extensive quotation module. Of course fully integrated with Exact Globe. It’s so easy.

The benefits for you as a company at a glance

With QCRM, Qexpertise delivers a CRM solution out of the Box. This allows you to:


QCRM complements the standard Exact CRM solution

QCRM complements the Exact CRM solution. We start the implementation by importing a template and then setting it up for you. We do this in 10 days on the basis of a Quick Start implementation methodology and with the help of a consultancy checklist. This includes the following components:
1 Installation QCRM
2 Import desired template parts and dashboards
3 Activate Office 365 integration
4 Provisioning and explanation use request types and documents structure
5 Provisioning and explanation customer card
6 Setting up and explanation of opportunities
7 Provisioning and explanation Quotation module
8 Provisioning and explanation roles and rights

To use QCRM you pay a fixed amount per month per user.

EXACT cases

With QCRM you create a grip on your sales processes and grow sales

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