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Production Hours Registration for Exact

Register hours easily in Exact

Hours app for the production employee

With the Qexpertise Production Hours Registration app you are able to have your production employees easily register hours and activities on production orders.

Registration Activities
With the Qexpertise Production Hours Registration app, a production employee can register his/or her activities with a few simple actions. Based on a start and stop time, the exact time of the various activities is calculated. This allows work to be assigned to a production order in the correct manner at the correct cost. Barcode scanning is used for this.

The production employee starts his work by scanning a number of entities using a barcode scanner:

  • Employee (can be several)
  • Project/production order (can be multiple)
  • Activity

If several production orders have been scanned, the time is divided among the production orders. The following distribution key applies here:

Number of realized hours / sum(number of end items) *number of end items per production order * number of employees = hours per production order.

With this app you have

Production Hours Registration

Approve and correct the hours

Before the hours are booked in Exact Globe, they must be approved by an authorized employee. A screen is offered for this within Exact Globe with the following functionality. The hours are adjustable.

The employee has the option to adjust hours here. If hours are adjusted, a correction line is created.
The corrections are created in an interim table so that it can always be traced what has been adjusted after an entry has been made.

The registration is processed in Exact Globe via an automated process.

Benefits Qexpertise Production Hours Registration app

  • Simple registration for production employees
  • Everything within one software environment
  • Exact registration of activities and hours
  • Basis for correct steering information / reporting
  • Full insight / overview of projects and production orders
  • Excellent post-calculation possible

Discover the power of our Production Hours Registration app

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