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Automation through drag & drop

Orbis software

Orbis Software Benelux BV is the market leader in Enterprise Business Alerting and Automation software for SMEs.

With the help of BPA Servers companies are able to use their existing software more efficiently, optimize the various business processes and even fully automate them

Orbis Software Benelux BV started on August 1, 2003 and distributes the Orbis products mainly through a specialized partner network. A number of standard products and technical partner tools have now been realized by Orbis Software Benelux BV’s own software development department. These products and tools all have one thing in common: they harness the power of BPA Server.

With the help of solutions such as Workflow Platform, Portal Platform, Credit Management Template and B2B eCommerce Solution, but also the many Integration Tools around BPA Server, Orbis Software continuously offers innovative solutions for the ever-growing and changing demand from the market. Together with Orbis Software, we enable you to use your existing software systems more efficiently and to optimize and even fully automate the various business processes.

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Data dashboard

Alerts & Notificaties

Get essential information easily. We can no longer do without real-time information. If a process does not proceed as we expect, we must be informed immediately. If a backorder is ready to be delivered, the customer must know this. Every important event must be made visible immediately. But fully automatic. Indicate what you want to monitor and receive real-time notifications where and when you want.

  • Warn when a customer has not paid on time.
  • Inform when campaign statistics deviate.
  • Send an alert when stocks stagnate.
  • Alert that previously ordered products are back in stock.
  • Performance and KPI notifications.
  • Monitor product price changes.
  • Automatically send order status updates.
  • Automatic sending of order confirmations.
  • Send reminders for periodic maintenance.
  • Automatically inform the customer about outstanding payments.
  • Send a delivery confirmation.
  • Send an appointment reminder 24 hours in advance.

Integration & Synchronization

Let all your internal applications and systems work together

How many systems are used within your organization? And how well do these systems communicate with each other? Do you still get data from different systems or do you depend on custom solutions? Forget about double entry, manual checks or complex and expensive customization. Orbis software offers the solution!

Discover the power of Orbis software

Qexpertise helps organizations work more efficiently to quickly recoup their investments. Our variety of software solutions offers us the unique opportunity to offer your organization the solution for your automation issue.


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