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One platform for structure and better collaboration

Exact Synergy Enterprise


What is Exact Synergy?

With Exact Synergy software you choose for one system for all your CRM, HRM and financial data. One company, one integrated software system. It sounds so simple and logical, but most companies still work with separate software applications for various business units and processes.

Create synergy between various software applications

For example, do your HR employees still process personnel data in a different system than the finance department and the financial administration? And does your staff also have a separate CRM system available? Then it is time to create ‘synergy’ between all these seperate systems.

Collaborate more effectively and efficiently by structuring procedures and processes with an Exact total solution: Exact Synergy. If desired, this software can also be integrated with Exact Financials and Exact Globe Next.

With Qexpertise on board, the implementation of Exact software within your company can be done quickly, professionally and with an eye for individual solutions in no time.

Why choose Exact Synergy Enterprise?

Exact Synergy means structuring a jumble of company data. You improve the collaboration between employees and relations by working in 1 central system.


How does Exact Synergy work?

With Exact Synergy CRM software, you always have the necessary information for the execution and management of projects available in real time from everywhere. You decide through rights structures which employees of your organization have access to relevant information such as documents, sales opportunities and important project data.

Increase effectiveness and efficiency with one central system

The advantage of Exact Synergy Enterprise is that you can also give customers and suppliers access to your CRM system. No longer a separate environment, but one central system that everyone can access. All this because the process steps are initiated by workflows and can be centrally managed from Synergy.

With this software you increase the effectiveness and efficiency within your organization by structuring various procedures and processes. When your organization works with a different CRM, you can still achieve more profit with Exact Synergy. You can easily link external systems to the ERP platform by means of APIs. Your profit: Time and cost savings.

In this way, you enjoy the benefits of one integrated software system and offer all departments an insightful source of information. Thanks to work and document flows, you can be absolutely sure that all your employees are informed and can contribute to a sustainable customer relationship.

With Exact RPA (Robotix Process Automation) you save extra time and costs for Exact Synergy.

Exact Synergy Enterprise

Different sectors

With Exact Synergy software you can structure procedures and processes for different sectors. View the options for your sector below.

Exact Synergy Enterprise


By structuring procedures and processes within your organization you will enjoy the following benefits in the future:

  • You can easily capture emails, purchase invoices and mail via scanning solutions.
  • Relevant information about documents, projects, contracts, communications & sales opportunities are stored digitally and are available in real time anytime, anywhere.
  • Easily build files can be linked to the right employees, relations and customers.
  • Workflow Management: All process steps are defined per workflow and assigned to the right people within your organization.
  • Relationship management: You always want the best for your customers. You register all processes, communications and documents to keep your customers happy.


Van Dun Advies

“They managed to handle our complex situation well according to a fixed pattern. They have made a good analysis of the situation, of the problems, bottlenecks and our wishes. They then attached a good plan of action to that. During the implementation period, we had someone from Qexpertise visit us once or twice a week, especially in the beginning.”


Exact Synergy software

Exact Synergy Enterprise is software developed by Exact, a Dutch software company that was founded in 1984 and that aims to develop software to support the business operations of small and medium-sized organizations.

Exact has mainly managed to distinguish itself in the market by offering software for financial administration, such as a software package for accounting. Since then, the company has grown into a developer of software packages that are characterized on the one hand by the extensive applications that the application offers its user and on the other hand the relatively fast implementation options.

Today Exact develops various software systems that can support the entire business process, such as applications for invoicing, accounting, payroll, workflow, CRM, HRM and data management. In addition, you can also choose for Exact Globe Next, the software for enterprise resource planning.

Exact Synergy and Exact Globe complement each other perfectly, although you can always choose to implement Exact Synergy software separately.

Discover the power of Exact Synergy Enterprise

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