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Insight in declarations

Exact SRXP

All incurred costs in an overview

What is SRXP Exact?

To determine the financial growth of a company, it is important to have quick insights into all the costs that your company incurs. Employee expense claims are often documented in spreadsheets or cluttered documents.

Subsequently, all declarations are booked afterwards. This provides delayed insights into costs and expenditure. With Exact SRXP you have direct insights into the costs that are incurred.

This means you never have to search for receipts again. You have direct insight into all declarations. Ideal for analysis and reporting. Quick and efficient. In short: SRXP offers an expense application and web-based tool for Exact Globe.

Advantages of Exact SRXP

The SRXP app is linked with Exact. By automating the declaration process for your employees, you have faster and better insights into the costs.

Explained in 3 simple steps

How does SRXP Exact work?

The time-consuming work of processing all declarations can be reduced to 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Take a picture of your receipt

After payment, all employees immediately take a photo of the receipt with the Exact SRXP declaration app.. 

Step 2: Automatic linking to the transaction

The receipt is then automatically linked to the transaction. You only need to check and approve the declarations.

Step 3: Booking

After checking, you can put the declaration in the accounting system with one click.

You then have direct insights into the costs incurred.

Met 1 knop declaraties indienen

Automatically declare kilometers driven with SRXP Exact

Voor een medewerker is het declareren van de gemaakte kilometers tijdrovend. Met de

For an employee, declaring the kilometers traveled is time-consuming. With the Google Maps integration in the SRXP app, the kilometers are automatically calculated. You can add stops and copy frequent routes.

You then submit the claim to your manager at the touch of a button.


API link to Exact Online

When you use Exact Online as an accounting program, you can easily link SRXP. This is done via an API.

Export all declarations directly to your Exact Online accounting software
Copy the fields from Exact Online to the SRXP environment in one go

We are happy to help you set up the SRXP Exact API with your Exact Online accounting program.

Discover the power of Exact SRXP

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