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Your new digital employee

Exact RPA

Safe time & costs

What is Exact RPA?

An employee who can easily automate time-consuming processes and no longer have to do manual and repetitive actions. This, of course, is music to your ears.

With Exact Robotic Process Automation (RPA) you save time and costs for Exact Synergy. In addition, Exact RPA helps your organization to provide insight into data and to integrate databases.

Manage information from a central location

Creating overview and insight

When you use Exact RPA you can link systems so that all your information is available from a central location. In this way you keep an overview by viewing the stock of all warehouses from one place, you can create insight by directly viewing all open items from the customer card and you can accurately follow the progress of your largest projects.

The benefits of Exact RPA

Besides automating time-consuming processes, Exact RPA has many more advantages. We listed them for you:

Safe valuable time

Automate time-consuming processes

A major advantage of Exact RPA is that it is possible to automate repetitive and time-consuming business processes. You do this by setting rules to run these processes automatically.

This way you save a lot of valuable time, you have less chance of errors and your executive employee can focus on other processes.

Safe time and costs

Integrating Exact Synergy with ERP packages

Thanks to Exact RPA you can integrate Exact Synergy with your ERP packages. With Exact RPA, standard connections can be made with Acumatica, Epicor, Salesforce and Sap Business One.

This also applies to the different versions of the Exact software. Exact RPA ensures that your data from your ERP is directly available in Synergy.

Automotize boring tasks

Support your employees with Exact RPA

Some activities within a company consist of simple and repetitive actions. There are few challenges in this work, which means that (unintentionally) mistakes can be made earlier. A possible consequence is that these errors can lead to remediation actions and costs.

Because there is often a relatively large waiting time between the process steps because the lead time in the process is higher than necessary, RPA is a welcome reinforcement.

By using RPA, repetitive and boring activities can be automated and employees can focus on value-adding activities again. This stimulates the job satisfaction and satisfaction of your employees.

Discover Exact RPA

Qexpertise helps organizations and companies to work more efficiently to quickly recoup their investments. Our ERP consultants are happy to show the unique possibilities of Exact RPA to relieve your organization. Contact us or request a dree demo.


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