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Exact Globe Next

Optimize & automate processes

What is Exact Globe Next?

Exact Globe Next integrates all the different administrative processes within your company within one system and the implementation creates insight, reveals connections, boosts efficiency and promotes the transparency of all your business administration processes.

Optimizing administrative business processes

A good, solid and above all insightful administration is of course the basis of your company. This immediately raises a number of questions for most companies:

  • How do you ensure that all administrative data is transparent?
  • How do you ensure that the right people within your company always have access to this administrative data?
  • How do you ensure that all data is available at the right time?
  • How do you ensure that this data is entered as efficiently as possible?

In other words, how can you, as a company, ensure that all your administrative processes are streamlined in such a way that they are transparent enough for everyone?

With a separate accounting program, specific payroll software and a separate application for your production administration processes, this is not so easy to achieve. You are looking for an ERP software solution to optimize and automate your administrative business processes.

The solution: Exact Globe Next

Exact Globe Next offers you exactly the solution you are looking for as a company. Exact Globe Next is a modular expandable ERP software developed by Exact that forms the administrative basis for all your business processes.

Exact Globe Next Advantages

Exact Globe Next offers you as a company the opportunity to store, manage and link all your administrative processes within one ERP system. This eventually leads to:

An integrated solution

Exact Globe Business Software

With Exact Globe Next, you choose an integrated software solution: an ERP system that allows you to easily organize and structure your entire business administration. For example:

  • Financial administration
  • Production administration
  • Logistics administration

Exact Globe Next is the answer to all the problems you experience with it and more importantly: ensures clear connections between all these different administration processes. This not only makes the various processes a lot more transparent, but various connections between company sections and departments are automated and therefore more transparent.

Enter administrative data only once

With Exact Globe Next you choose an organization-wide solution in which all employees can process, store and find their administrative data whether they are working in the fields of finance, production, sales, logistics or HRM.

For you as a company, the implementation of Exact Globe Next ERP software in practice means that all administrative data only needs to be entered once by an employee, resulting in a more efficient way of working, unambiguous and up-to-date data, and more synergy between different departments. Store, manage and link all within one software system.

Exact Globe Next for

Different sectors

With the Exact Globe Next ERP software solutions you can optimize and automate business processes for different sectors. View the options for your sector below.


Exact Globe+

Making the right choices for your business is only possible if you can use the right data at the right time. Exact Globe+, the successor of Exact Globe Next is taking steps towards a more user-friendly and future-proof finance and ERP solution. Exact has laid a foundation that enables mobile, the cloud and AI services.

As a result, new technical possibilities may be required now, but also in the future. A solution suitable for medium-sized (international) companies.

Would you like to gain insight into all costs incurred by your company? Check out Exact SRXP!

Exact business Cases – Van Dun Advies

Van Dun Advies

“It soon became clear to us that Qexpertise has a great deal of knowledge of all Exact ERP software. It is a very professional organization, they handle projects well and are really structured. Ultimately, this intensive operation resulted in a design of our processes that we can now work well with.”


Exact Globe Next & Exact Online

With Exact Globe Next and Exact online, a wide variety of functionalities is made available to you as a company. But how do you know exactly which ERP software solution is the right choice for your company? We show the differences between the two solutions:

Exact Globe Next
Exact Online
Available online + offline
Accessible anytime, anywhere via Exact website
Access own database
No owned database
Suitable for 25+ employees
Suitable for up to 25 employees
Suitable for 100+ orders per day
Suitable for up to 100 orders per day
Monthly subscription or purchase Exact ERP software
Monthly subscription
Customization possible
No customization possible
Implementation in a few months
Implementation in a few days over a few weeks

Exact linking with partner products

Exact linking with Qexpertise products​

Discover the power of Exact Globe Next​

Qexpertise helps organizations work more efficiently to quickly recoup their investments. Our variety of software solutions offers us the unique opportunity to offer your organization the solution for your automation issue.


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