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Exact Financials

Bringing structure to your finances

What is Exact Financials?

Exact Financials Enterprise is financial ERP software that provides structure to the finances of your organization. In addition, with this accounting software you can automate and easily manage all administrations of the financial department because all administrations are processed in a central database.

Advantages: risk management, time savings, easy reporting, clear project management, access everywhere and always working safely in the cloud.

Accounting software to support financial processes

With Exact Financials you get more than accounting software and support for your organization. Exact Financials creates broad support for help with your business processes and therefore delivers profit on almost all fronts. At the same time, after the integration of Exact Financials in your organization, valuable insights are created, which shine a transparent light on the infrastructure within your organization.

The financial software from Exact is suitable for professional business services and non-profit such as healthcare and education and can be easily linked to other software within the organization.

Benefits Exact Financials for your company

Exact Financials offers you as a company the possibility to store, manage and link all your administrative processes in one system. By automating all administrations within your financial department, you create structure in your finances.

In addition, Exact Financials Enterprise is suitable for Windows, Linux and Unix and you can easily integrate the fully automated order-to-payment process with Exact Purchase to Pay.

Linking Exact Financials with

Industry-specific software

One of the spearheads is the enormous range of functionality that Exact Financials has to offer for various sectors such as professional services, healthcare and education. Exact Financials can easily be connected to the following industry-specific software, such as Osiris, Alluris, Educaat, RAET, HR2Day, KRD, Educaat, Magister Schoolmaster, EduArte and nOIse.

The enormous ease of use and the practical applications that support your business processes are simultaneously presented in an extremely intuitive jacket. Exact Financials therefore offers the best of both worlds: “High End” accounting software with all its complexity and functionality, but we also keep it clear and simple when it comes to the interaction between the user and the ERP software.

The combination of this complexity and the (intuitive) ease with which Exact Financials can be operated is a bundling that is not possible for similar software.

Exact Financials

Different sectors

With Exact Financials you bring structure to your finances and you automate all administrations of your financial department in one central database. View the options for your sector below.



“Our cooperation with Qexpertise is very pleasant. We get exactly the Exact support we need, when we need it. Certainly because we do not have the necessary knowledge about Exact software in-house, it is nice to be able to rely on the knowledge and expertise of a partner. If something is not going as it should, it is easy to contact Walther or Marc. Then there will always be a good solution.”

Discover the power of Exact Financials Enterprise

Qexpertise helps organizations work more efficiently to quickly recoup their investments. Our variety of software solutions offers us the unique opportunity to offer your organization the solution for your automation issue.


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