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Exact Cloud Services


What is Exact cloud services?

Exact Cloud services is a Cloud platform for business applications and business-critical data. With the Exact Cloud software you always have all important data at hand.

Flexible working has become the standard. With a cloud platform, everyone within your organization has access to all company data, even from an online workplace. This ensures better collaboration within the organization and insight into the business processes.

Exact Cloud services were first called Parentix. Following an acquisition, Exact acquired Parentix and named it Exact Cloud services.

The benefits of working in a Cloud

Exact Cloud Services

All your business applications in one central place

With Exact Globe and Exact Synergy from the Exact Cloud services environment, you have the opportunity to optimize business processes and increase productivity.

With this application, all CRM, HRM and financial data is in one place. This ensures efficient collaboration between the different departments.

Hosting business applications externally is a way of working via the Internet, which guarantees the continuity of companies and minimizes the costs and risks of the availability of business applications.

Our starting point is that end users can use a secure, stable, always available and fast working application from the Exact Cloud. Our solutions are suitable for all types of organizations, from small to large.


The Cloud solutions of Exact Cloud services

Exact Cloud services offer two different options: Exact Plus Platform and Exact Professional Platform.

  • Plus is suitable for use with standard Exact software
  • Professional is suitable for a more specific Exact software environment, with various add-ons and possibly customization

In addition, you no longer have to worry about updates for Exact software. You regularly switch to the latest version. We guarantee a safe working environment with extra security.

Exact takes all the services off your hands, so that you can fully focus on your business.

Safety first

Why work in the Cloud for business?

A Cloud is a Cloud server that contains all business applications and data. You always have access to the Cloud with an online connection. The advantage of this is that the data is available at any location. This gives your employees more freedom.

You have more insight into the business processes. All data is in one place. Which provides more overview.

Is working in the Cloud secure?

Business working in a Cloud is extra secure. All data is protected with the highest certifications and multi-factor authentication. In addition, all data is stored on a backup server. That way you will never lose the data.

Discover the power of Exact Cloud Services (formerly Parentix)​

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