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Blue 10 invoice processing

For SMEs and Non-profit organizations


Blue 10 invoice processing

Blue10 for SMEs and Non-Profit Organizations is a cloud solution for digitally processing invoices. As an entrepreneur, we give you insight, peace and convenience when processing your invoices.

The process in steps

All booking documents, such as invoices (paper, PDF and UBL) and receipts, come together in one system. Each customer has their own e-mail address where they receive booking documents. In addition to an email address, you can use the Blue10 App to scan paper invoices and receipts with your phone.

Blue10 automatically recognizes relevant data from invoices and makes a booking proposal for the direct processing of invoices in your financial administration.

With Blue10, it is possible to have an invoice digitally checked by one or more employees. Employees can directly compare invoices with previous invoices from the same supplier, approve them, ask questions, comment and/or add attachments to the scanned invoice.

From self-explanatory, all invoices are available anytime, anywhere in the digital archive. By applying some filters you will immediately find the invoice you are looking for. As an administration, you have one overview of all active invoices and their status within the organization from the dashboard.

Blue 10 invoice processing

Simple, user-friendly, practical and affordable.

More and more entrepreneurs receive their invoices by e-mail. These invoices are printed and go through the organization on paper. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always go smoothly. It takes you quite a bit of time to process these invoices, the status of an invoice is not always transparent and sometimes invoices even go completely missing. You ask yourself the question: ‘Can’t that really be easier?’ Our answer: ‘With Blue10 it is.’Curious? Watch the demo video here!  

Imagine that you have daily insight into your invoices. Digital invoices arrive at a separate email address and are automatically read into Blue10. The invoices that still arrive on paper are also scanned to this e-mail address. We automatically recognize all kinds of data from these invoices, such as supplier, invoice number, date and amounts. At the same time, an automated posting proposal is made with which the invoice is processed as soon as possible. The digital processing of invoices is child’s play!

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