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Orders Portal

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Orders Portal

Qexpertise has developed an orders portal for one of its relations. It is an independent supplier and important partner for trade and industry, hospitals, medical device manufacturers and for any company or individual who records and prints data or images. Many products are delivered both at home and abroad.

This organization has chosen the product Exact Online Trade to support its financial and logistics processes. Within the Exact Online Trade product line, it proved difficult to request an order history from different perspectives at the touch of a button. As a result, the organization lacked important steering information.

The benefits for you as a company at a glance

With the help of the Qexpertise Orders Portal, it is now possible to request a complete order history at the line level per relationship with the aim of generating information about the customer’s ordering behavior. This information is very useful to get the right insight and anticipate it.

In addition to the customer input, the portal also offers the possibility to make selections at the item level. Information about the orders and deliveries per customer can be generated per item. This information is the input for marketing and sales activities into the future.


Exact Online Trade

A portal for insight into your order history

The Qexpertise Orders Portal provides information in a simple way by cleverly merging data from Exact Online trading into one overview. With a very low investment, this relationship is able to generate very efficiently important steering information to grow its business.

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