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Digitizing your document flow

AutoDoc HSE

Safe on personnel costs

AutoDoc HSE

When you run a business, you cannot escape the enormous flow of documents. Think of personnel documents, pay slips, invoices, order confirmations, etc. AutoDoc HSE digitizes the document flow within an organization.

Digitizing the document flow provides several benefits for your company:

  • You only need to set everything up once and all documents are then always processed in the same way;
  • By automating manual operations you can save on personnel costs or organize your personnel’s time more efficiently;
  • All documents are sent, styled and processed in the same way, creating consistency in all internal and external communication.

Saving files automatically as a PDF

What is AutoDoc HSE?

AutoDoc HSE is a full-fledged document output handling system. Keep all documents in one single place. The software then extracts input from the various documents for, for example, invoices. These are then automatically formatted.


Would you like to automatically save your most important documents such as invoices as PDF with, for example, the invoice number as name? Or arrange a mailing, which first checks whether e-mails or faxes can be sent and otherwise prints on a printer?

All this is possible with AutoDoc HSE. Printing to the AutoDoc HSE printer is enough with a few simple adjustments to your documents. The program does the rest for you. AutoDoc HSE can also be easily applied within Exact Software.

You only need to set up the styling of documents and automating processes once. Everything is automatically processed and sent through different channels. For example, you can automatically send e-mails, text messages, faxes or print documents.

What is AutoDoc HSE used for?

Digitizing your document flow can be done in several ways. AutoDoc HSE can be used for the following applications:

It is system independent, so you are not tied to a specific ERP system.

AutoDoc HSE

Clear communication, save time and costs with an automated document flow

With AutoDoc HSE you can easily automate the invoicing and communication process of your organization.

Clear communication is very important for your customer, but also for your employees/colleagues. With AutoDoc HSE you can give the right layout to documents. As a result, no more mistakes are made in the communication method towards customers.

This saves you time, costs and lots of paper. Most of Qexpertise’s customers use their business software to send invoices, reminders and order confirmations as PDF by email.

We also like to use Autodoc for sending payslips from Exact. You get a lot of freedom and options on top of the standard that Exact offers. This solution is simple, flexible and very affordable.

Digitizing document flows with AutoDoc HSE

Qexpertise helps organizations and companies work more efficiently by using AutoDoc HSE. Request a demo or fill in the contact form below. Our ERP Consultants will reach out to you quickly.


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