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Exact Software


Why choose Exact software?

Exact is the market leader in cloud business software and can help your company automate accounting, financial, CRM, ERP and HRM processes. Exact software provides control over internal business processes and supports your company during growth and challenges.

Exact ERP software is suitable for many purposes and forms the perfect basis for a thorough administration of your company. Of course, our consultants have the knowledge and experience for the implementation of all Exact product lines, such as:

Every company deserves good administration as a foundation for the company. Qexpertise provides your company with the perfect Exact business software with extensive functionalities, which can be implemented quickly in a relatively simple way. This way, as an entrepreneur, you can enjoy the power of Exact ERP software.

Exact software packages

You will receive the best advice and the perfect Exact software solution for your company from the Qexpertise’s consultants. Qexpertise is one of the few parties in the consultancy market with knowledge of all the product lines listed below.

Connect Exact software with partner add-ons

Exact software can easily be connected to different Qexpertise partner products. You can save time on administrative processes, process invoices digitally, achieve greater results, work anytime and anywhere via the cloud, create portals and apps and automate your processes with the partner add-ons below.

Connect Exact software with Qexpertise add-ons

Qexpertise has developed a number of tools that can be seamlessly integrated with Exact software. In this way you can optimize the credit management process, you gain insight into your customer’s order history, you can easily register hours and activities, store emails correctly, use the best CRM solution and you can make an integration between Exact Globe Next and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Generic functionality with Exact

With Exact software it is possible to control the primary business process using various modules for trade logistics, service management, business services and production logistics. Qexpertise recommends Exact Cloud Business Software because important information is always accessible and controllable via the Internet.

Use generic functionality of Exact Software within your company for:

Optimizing business processes for your industry

Qexpertise has been helping companies optimize business processes and implement Exact software in various industries for more than 20 years.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience with specific markets and in-depth knowledge of IT and software systems, we can offer support to any company in the industry below.

Exact customer case


Qexpertise has helped Haval with the implementation of Exact Globe Next and Exact Synergy Enterprise:

“We got to know each other in 2015, and from the first moment the trust was there. In all those years, that trust has never been broken. If there is ever something, they immediately find it out for us. Yes, I can really say that together we have achieved a great result that everyone is happy with and the end of which is not yet in sight.”

Discover the power of Exact

Qexpertise helps organizations work more efficiently to quickly recoup their investments. Our variety of software solutions offers us the unique opportunity to offer your organization the solution for your automation issue.


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