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Wholesale software

Various processes in one system

Fast, flawless and efficient delivery

As a wholesaler you want to be able to deliver quickly, flawlessly and efficiently. ERP software for wholesalers enables you to manage different processes in one system. In a world where change is accelerating, process optimization, innovation and efficiency are becoming increasingly important. Just focusing on stock management is no longer enough these days.

With ERP software, your wholesaler can take the lead and remain competitive. Moreover, thanks to the integrated solutions, you are able to quickly gain insight into order moments, current stock and goods flows in various warehouses and locations. This allows you to fully focus on the growth of your company.

Excellent stock management

As a wholesaler, good stock management is essential. Monitoring your minimum stock and having insight into which products are in which warehouse is a major part of this. Where many wholesalers still work with multiple systems that do not communicate well with each other, the frustration about this is growing daily.

Moreover, a lot of unnecessary and valuable time is lost due to, for example, updates and data checks. The solution is to introduce an automation solution for inventory management.

Connect with over 370 apps

Maximize control and efficiency

All systems under one roof that work together seamlessly. Whether it concerns finance, logistics, administration or sales, the system supports all business processes. The number of errors made in the processes will be minimized by the reliable systems.

This allows all focus on maximizing sales. Because all data supplied by the systems is real time, it is possible to switch immediately.

Process deliveries at the touch of a button

Manage purchasing and sales

It is particularly important for stock-holding wholesalers that the purchasing and sales process is streamlined. This way you ensure that your most important items are available in the right quantity and at the right times. The smart ERP software for wholesalers provides you with accurate order advice that can be used to respond to the purchasing process.

It is possible to process deliveries, place purchase orders and track back orders with just one click of a button. In this way, the valuable time that would normally be lost with this can be used in a different way.

Process deliveries at the touch of a button

ERP software is also a financial solution for wholesalers

Money plays a big role in wholesale business. It is therefore not unimportant that the processes are also well organized in the financial field.

An important part of this is the insight into your finances. Wholesale software empowers you to make timely decisions and drive growth through real-time reporting, embedded analytics, and AI insights.

Many insights are provided by showing data, which can then be converted into action points. With this smart ERP application, a timely planning can be made about expenses.

Exact voor groothandel

Insights in finances

Wholesale software from Microsoft Dynamics

The packages of Microsoft Dynamics offer solutions that work for you and not the other way around. Experience the convenience of data access in the cloud. This means you always have access to information. On the road, on site at customers, suppliers and partners, check the status of your progress anytime, anywhere.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications help you with this. For example, the financial administration within Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you insight into your finances and there are also various options within Dynamics 365 Business Central for registering orders and placing orders.

Connect with over 370 apps

Wholesale software exact

Digitizing your trade is child’s play with the Exact package for trade. The system can be linked to more than 370 apps that give you insight into all the figures. Maintain an optimal stock level by having full control over your stock and logistics.

Bring all your information together in one system and use the large choice of add-ons for an optimal and personalized environment.

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