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Exact Professional Business Services


ERP Business Services

With Exact ERP software for professional business services, your organization grows in a responsible way: with a grip over all processes. You get up-to-date insight into the sales pipeline, work stock and project results. In addition, an optimal occupation of your employees is also of great importance. Finally, you want to be able to bill all hours correctly.

Exact supports this entire process, from purchase/sales to invoicing. And with optimal insight into your business, you can rest assured that you are on the right course. This makes Exact business services ERP software the No. 1 choice for many organizations.

Qexpertise supports organizations with the implementation of products such as Exact Globe, Exact Synergy and Exact Online. Contact us if your company needs powerful ERP and CRM software for business services.

Total Solution for Business Service Providers

An all-in-1 solution in which online time registration, accounting and relationship management are part of the software package. Guarantee the quality of your projects and choose to store your information centrally. With Exact Software for Business Service Providers your organization works more efficiently, errors can be prevented and you save unnecessary costs.

Exact Time Registration & Planning

Thanks to a digital planning board, you benefit from clear and efficient planning, integrated with time registration. This allows your employees to be easily scheduled on the basis of department, level and position, and you retain an overview of the occupancy rate and capacity. No more damage due to non-billable hours with Exact Time Registration. Indispensable for every business service provider.

Exact Project Management

You want to deliver projects on time and within budget at all times. With Exact Project Management you integrate all processes within your ERP system and everything is stored in one central point. Your employees will never have to search for information in different systems again. All relevant information, such as sales information of a project is immediately visible and helps the organization to move more efficiently.

Exact Accounting & Invoicing

Providing insight into costs, revenues, margins and projects is a challenge for every organization. With the reporting options of Exact Software for Business Services you always have control over your accounting and budgets. In addition, you can invoice quickly and correctly with Exact Invoicing, because this module is integrated with time registration. This prevents errors and also saves a lot of time.

Advantages of Exact for business services

From now on you can manage all your projects from one central point with Exact for Business Service Providers. Your organization benefits from the following advantages:

Exact for business services

Controlled and responsible growth

When the organization grows, you will notice that the complexity of processes also increases. Controllably growing and scaling up in a dynamic organization becomes a lot easier with Exact Software for Professional Business Services. You manage all projects, employees and relations from a central point. This makes managing a complex project organization a lot easier.

It does not matter in which industry your organization operates. Exact is the No. 1 software and supports your organization as you grow.

Do you need help with the implementation of ERP and CRM software for business service providers? Qexpertise is ready for you.

Digital planning board

Benefit from a clear planning board for efficient planning, integrated with time registration.

Plannen op basis van criteria

Quickly search and schedule employees based on skills, position or department.

Occupancy rate

Optimize the occupancy rate through insight into the available capacity.

1 integrated system

An integrated system for planning, time registration and invoicing


Simple hour registration

Project management

Work Breakdown Structure

Hour entry via the app

Digital planning board





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