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More with Less

Quality, cost control and transparency are consistently more important

Non-profit organizations are increasingly in demand with fewer resources. That is why it is essential to have things in order. By optimally automating internal processes with a solution for financial management and purchasing and streamlining work processes, you save costs and time and you always have insight into the latest figures to make the right decisions.


The form and content of education change due to the emergence of new technologies.


Due to cutbacks, the challenge is to increase the quality level with fewer resources.


Increasing complexity in the administration due to varying sources of income

Education: Perform better with fewer resources

Very efficient with available money, because good performance is expected. That is why it is essential that you have things in order. Exact for Education can help you with this. Whether you are looking for financial or purchasing software, a way to streamline your education on specific work processes or a solution for your personnel and payroll administration.

More with Less

Perform better at a lower cost

The government is cutting back more and more. The work must be cheaper and more efficient. In addition, responsibilities are increasing. Citizens and businesses expect more with less: in terms of service provision, handling of public money and efficient functioning. This is achieved through effective collaboration, a critical look at the approach to projects and precise budgeting.

Electronic invoicing

Governments and all other contracting authorities and special sector organizations are obliged to be able to receive and process electronic invoices for purchase agreements. With Exact you are completely ready to send, receive and process e-invoices.

Project management

A critical look at the approach and budgeting within projects is becoming increasingly important.

Consultants aan het werk op de laptop


Extensive budgeting options provide insight into your income and expenses

Purchase to Pay

Recording orders, obligations and the digital processing of purchase invoices and automatic booking.


Document Management

Purchase to Pay


Project Management

Electronic invoicing

Workflow Management

Financial Management

BI Reporting


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