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Smart production with MRP system

TRIMIT Manufacturing

Become a smart manufacturing company

Produce faster, smarter and innovative

Timely access to the correct materials, up-to-date insight into your stocks and planning. These are basic conditions for smart production companies. If you send orders digitally to the shop floor, your employees will know exactly what needs to be done and when. Get help from smart and affordable solutions that support every aspect of your (international) production company: from quotation, purchase to production, delivery, invoicing and of course, grip and insight into all your financial figures.

This solution is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and offers you a platform where everyone can work within the same system. Your benefits: working more efficiently and reducing costs.

BOM management

BOM management provides a solid basis for your cost price calculation and your production process.

Smart MRP system

By reducing stock levels, make sure you only have those items in stock that are really needed.

Pre- and post-glazing

Actual costs incurred versus expected costs and budgets.

Laws and regulations

Control the quality and safety of your products through 100% traceability of the product throughout the entire chain.

What is an MRP system?

MRP stands for Material Requirement Planning and is used in logistics for planning material purchasing, for example with raw materials. An MRP system is also known as material requirements planning. The system predicts the stock requirement of the necessary materials. With an MRP system you enable efficient stock management within the production process.

The manufacturing industry is competitive.

In recent years, a lot has been done to win customers and make production more efficient. The Internet makes it easier to work internationally. But at the same time new competitors are popping up in low-wage countries such as China or India. So you have to distinguish yourself.

TRIMIT Manufacturing is part of three solutions from Microsoft Dynamics, namely TRIMIT Furniture and TRIMIT Fashion.

Grip on your production process

Streamlining and automation of production processes

Customers in the manufacturing industry are constantly asking for shorter delivery times and unique products. Shortening lead times and increasing production flexibility should therefore be high on the agenda of every production company.

Extensive automation of your processes is therefore a must. By successfully digitizing the shop floor, warehouse and chain, you can produce faster and cheaper, with fewer errors. TRIMIT Manufacturing comes with integrated Ecommerce including webshops and web portals.

Product management

Each product has its own data and characteristics, which you register and maintain on an article card.

Recipe and BOM management

Your bills of materials or recipes contain the materials, parts, ingredients and labor and / or machine hours to produce your product.

Cost price calculations

The basis for the calculation is the bill of materials and you record how the calculation takes place in the cost price scenarios.

Quotation calculation

Your quotation is difficult to estimate in advance due to the specific composition of the various parts, but you want to offer a competitive price.

TRIMIT Furniture Customer Case

GLX Europe

“Via via we came into contact with Qexpertise. They gave us a presentation and that looked promising. In addition, they were able to guarantee us that TRIMIT, despite being based on Microsoft Dynamics, could also run on Mac computers. In 2016 we made the decision to continue with Qexpertise. Because of our many exceptions, some customization was needed.

Four times a year a consultant comes along, and we go through everything and then I can also indicate where I still see room for improvement. I can only say that cooperation is now very pleasant.”

TRIMIT Manufacturing Features

Product management software

Recipe and BOM management

Cost price calculation

Quotation calculation

Production management


Financial accounting




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