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Half the work, double the profits!

Developed to improve the ROI of Fashion companies

Several new collections every year – colors and sizes – outsourced production – a demanding market. The challenges for a fashion company are endless and you want to keep track of all types of data, from styles, fabrics and buttons, to exchange rates. Why not choose one system that does all the work to make your life easier and more profitable?

Don’t settle for less. Enjoy an ERP experience that understands your industry and solves your specific problems.

Industry Knowledge

TRIMIT is a robust solution that has been adapted several times based on the knowledge of market leaders.

Scalable Solution

TRIMIT delivers immediate results, but is flexible enough to grow with your company!

“Zero Cost Upgrade”

A new TRIMIT version will be made available to all customers, giving you access to the latest technology.

Flexible Implementation

TRIMIT fits into your environment, regardless of where you prefer - on premises or in the cloud.

Half the work, double the profits!

TRIMIT Fashion has grown with the changes in which fashion companies do business for over 25 years. TRIMIT comes with industry specific experience in the fashion industry. What you get to implement in your business is a robust solution based in part on “input” from industry leaders such as Dixie, Mos Mosh and Hunky Dory.

delivered with integrated webshop and portal

ERP with integrated E-Commerce

TRIMIT comes with 2 web shops and 2 web portals that are fully integrated into the solution. Having integrated web shops and portals means a minimum of effort to bring them live. With TRIMIT you will expand your supply chain in terms of both production and sales, while remaining in control of these processes – all from the same integrated system.


Sell ​​directly to customers via their PC or mobile devices.


Direct communication with your retailers, stores and customers.

Sales Agent Portal

Receive orders directly from sales agents.

Supplier Portal

Exchange information online with your suppliers.

TRIMIT Fashion functionalities

Product Data Management

Omnichannel Sales

Purchasing and Availability

Inventory & Logistics

Customer Service & Claims


Finance & Accounting

Reporting & BI


Download the Fashion factsheet

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