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Exact Globe vs. Exact Online

In the Netherlands, Exact is known as the number 1 choice for ERP software. Many companies use Exact software because of the great diversity of functionalities. The most popular ERP solutions for both large and small companies are Exact Globe and Exact Online. But which software best suits your company and how do you choose between Globe and Online? The differences between Exact Globe and Exact Online are set out for you below.

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The biggest difference between the two solutions is the platform. Exact Globe is an on-premise solution. This software can be rented or must be purchased and installed on the server or your PC. Companies often choose to install this software on the server. You can of course choose to install it on a server in a data center.

Because you always have access via remote desktop, you become more flexible automatically. Finally, you can choose to outsource the management or take it on yourself. An advantage is that the software is at your own location and you have access to the database and can therefore make specific adjustments yourself.

Exact Online is a cloud solution. You simply log in via the Exact website from any device with an internet connection. A major advantage is that you always work with the latest version of Online, because everything remains managed by Exact. You have no maintenance and you can get started from different workplaces. You can also download the Exact app for your phone or tablet to log in on the go and view your data.
The disadvantage of Exact Online compared to Exact Globe is that you cannot access the database yourself and adjustments are therefore not possible.

Functionalities and options

Both Exact Globe and Exact Online have a modular structure. The basic package contains the financial module that can be expanded to an ERP total package for trade, production and project management. This makes your stock and sales orders easily transparent. With Exact Globe you have full control over your logistics processes, thanks to WMS.

You can also register hours with Exact Online. With Exact Globe, you can only use this function if you combine this software with Exact Synergy. This package for the front office processes (including HRM, CRM, Projects, etc.) is a top choice among various companies.

Drop down menu

Within Exact Online you can navigate easily and quickly via the drop-down menu to the various components. This is very user-friendly, because the employees who choose this software often perform multiple actions within the company. Consider, for example, inventory management and purchasing.

The menu within Exact Globe is arranged slightly differently, namely with tabs per function. In this solution, the users have only one specific task. You can find all functionalities in an overview.

Menu for each solution

Exact Globe: User-friendly through tabs per function
Exact Online: User-friendly through a drop-down menu

Implementation and adaptation process

The implementation and adoption process takes longer if you opt for multiple functionalities with both solutions. For example, you can enter multiple parameters at Globe, which provides more flexibility. However, the implementation and adoption process becomes a lot more complex and takes longer in that case.

With Online you can get started faster. The implementation and adoption process takes a few days and is often spread over a number of weeks. Most of the time is spent transferring data from other programs to Online.

Implementation and adaptation track for each solution

Exact Globe: A few months
Exact Online: A few days/weeks

Summary of the differences

Exact Globe Next

  • Own management on server or PC (on premise)
  • Access to database
  • More flexibility in setting up processes
  • Tab based menu
  • Full-fledged ERP solution with various modules
  • Works well in combination with Exact Synergy
  • Monthly subscription or software purchase
  • Implementation and adoption takes several months

Exact Online

  • No own management
  • Access everywhere via the Exact website (and internet connection)
  • Clear drop-down menu
  • Expansion through licenses
  • Monthly subscription
  • Implementation in a few days, spread over several weeks

Making the right decision

Which Exact software is suitable for your company? That is a question we are regularly asked at Qexpertise. Our answer is that it is not about the number of employees within the company or the number of orders. It is about the processes within the organization. Review the processes based on complexity and choose which solution is right for your business.

Advice from Qexpertise

Are you looking for ERP software, but do you need more information? Qexpertise helps you make the right decision for your company. In addition, we also support your company with Exact software implementations. Please contact us by filling in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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