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Verwol was founded in 1976. They realize the complete completion of both large utility projects and renovations in a professional and innovative way: the team of more than 140 specialists supplies and installs system walls, (system) ceilings, climate ceilings, exclusive paneling and complete interior concepts. Optimal comfort in terms of sound, light, air quality and thermal comfort is well guaranteed. 80% of the finishing work is done in-house, and they also work with permanent partners. As a result, the grip on quality remains and they guarantee to work within schedule and budget. For all disciplines there is one point of contact within Verwol for every project, this is so conducive to communication, and there is no margin on margin.

Arie Groeneveld, sales manager: ‘Verwol has been around for more than 45 years and has since grown into the market leader. It’s a busy business, so I have to spend my time efficiently.’

'It had to fit within our Microsoft Dynamics 365 system'

Arie continues: ‘In all those years we collected customer data, but at a certain point we could no longer see the forest for the trees, everything was documented everywhere. In addition, we had the intention to grow significantly, so that sales & marketing would play an increasingly important role. The cross-selling and project management at ‘the front end’ could certainly be included.’ Also think of the relationship and contact management, the e-mail marketing, all the information of a project (including stage, duration, budget) and fast and easy to cough up sales & marketing reports.

So it’s high time to professionalize the entire environment and start using an advanced CRM system. ‘Quite a job, and it wasn’t convenient to work with the first best provider.’

Verwol invited a number of parties who came to tell their story. Qexpertise made an impression based on the first conversations and then made an analysis and step-by-step plan. John Bijster, Sales Manager of Qexpertise, emphasized that it was important that a CRM package was created that fit within the environment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Exact Software, because those are the systems that Verwol has been working with for years. And because Qexpertise specializes in both Exact software and Microsoft Dynamics software, they understood Verwol’s challenges very well and Qexpertise offered the perfect solution.

'All sales processes are now automated within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales'

The bullet was through the church. In the second and third quarter of 2021, two CRM Business consultants from Qexpertise joined Verwol. To your complete satisfaction. The result was the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales; Verwol can now act better and more adequately, just like share the state of affairs in projects with each other: all necessary people who search for information on customers, projects, etc. have access to it. At a glance you can see what’s going on.

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