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Qexpertise helps Vaessen-Schoemaker with more efficient processes

Vaessen-Schoemaker is a specialized wholesaler in raw materials and semi-finished products for the food industry. By streamlining and automating their business processes, the Vaessen-Schoemaker team is able to do more with fewer people. Joris Hermans, Director of Business Development, explains what the challenge was and how Qexpertise helped them.

Focus on core business

Our company knows the food value chain like no other. Whether it concerns improving appearance, yield, taste, shelf life, tenderness, texture or the label, our team knows what the requirements and wishes are in the sector. That is what we are good at. When we decided to automate the automation of the storage and delivery of goods, the question was: do it yourself or outsource it? Our team is relatively small, because we want to work with as little overhead as possible. If we did it ourselves, the solution would never be optimal. We quickly decided to outsource everything that is not part of our core business. Qexpertise had previously helped us to professionalise, so the decision to ask them again was quickly made.

Automation is not an end in itself

In 2016, Qexpertise automated all processes in the warehouse for us. First, we took care of the organization within the warehouse by taking new elevated racks into use and determining the desired storage locations. With Exact WMS, Qexpertise has automated the storage and retrieval of the goods with the help of hand scanners. Also, the logistical operations of entering and debiting the stock now take place fully automatically. But the digitization process did not end there for us. Automation is not an end in itself, but we would like to make our processes easier, more efficient and less prone to errors. Qexpertise has helped us excellently with this.

Scalable and future-proof solution
As we grew, we were faced with the choice: expand the administration department or automate the document flow. We chose the latter. If we continue to grow, the number of invoices will only increase. By automating, you choose a scalable and future-proof solution. Qexpertise further automated our purchasing administration in 2020. By using Scan Sys scanning software, the invoices are automatically entered into Exact. We also asked Qexpertise to take over the implementation of Exact at this new location after the acquisition of the Polish Agersol. The starting point was to take the layout as it was done for Vaessen-Schoemaker in the Netherlands as a basis, and to adapt it where required by Polish legislation.

Overview, insight, control and uniformity

Both the automation of the warehouse and the purchasing process has led to further digitization, less paper, fewer actions, savings in time and money, more overview and better insight into the current stock and the results. The organization of the Polish administration ensures uniformity in work.

Simple to good solutions

Our cooperation with Qexpertise is very pleasant. We get exactly the support we need, when we need it. Certainly because we do not have the necessary knowledge in-house, it is nice to be able to rely on the knowledge and expertise of a partner. If something is not going as it should, it is easy to contact Walther or Marc. Then there will always be a good solution.

Discover the balance between external knowledge and internal expertise

Qexpertise helps organizations to work more efficiently for their investments to pay back quickly. Our variety of software solutions offers us the unique opportunity to offer your organization the solution for your automation issue.


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