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Scholengemeenschap De Rooi Pannen

Ready for the future

Scholengemeenschap De Rooi Pannen opts for efficiency and stability

De Rooi Pannen is a comprehensive school offering VMBO and MBO courses in trade & entrepreneurship, catering, tourism & recreation, design and marketing & events. The school has branches in Tilburg, Eindhoven and Breda. Leo Kivits, Head of Finance, saw opportunities for optimizing business processes and had a number of application management requirements. Leo came across Qexpertise about seven years ago and to this day he is happy with the support he receives

Hire someone yourself or are you looking for a partner?

When I started at Scholengemeenschap De Rooi Pannen many years ago, we faced a challenge in the field of digitization. I saw room for optimizing a number of business processes and wanted to be unburdened in the field of infrastructure management. We then had the choice: hire someone ourselves or look for an external partner. At the time, we were too small to hire someone full-time, and really solid, continuous support is difficult to arrange with a part-timer. Moreover, the question is whether that person is able to continuously maintain his or her knowledge level.

Good recommendations

We already had a partner who did some services for us in that area, but he stopped. I asked colleagues in the field if they could recommend someone, and Qexpertise came up. I just called and asked if they could do something for us. I got into a conversation with Walther van Gool, and we immediately clicked. We have teamed up and the Qexpertise team continues to fulfill its task to our full satisfaction to this day. The knowledge level of the consultants is perfect and continuity is guaranteed.

Time savings, up to date and stable

In consultation with us, Qexpertise has optimized our financial administration. The purchasing process has been digitized, with cost invoices being automatically posted thanks to ScanSys software. In this way, budget holders can approve the invoices through a workflow. This saves us a lot of time. In addition, Qexpertise has developed various reports for us for the various departments and the Executive Board. Thanks to the use of Sumatra’s BI software, the reporting is dynamic and always up-to-date. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and our environment is stable, we have also entrusted the management of our Cloud infrastructure to Qexpertise. They do this in collaboration with Parentix, a subsidiary of Exact Software.

Nice, knowledgeable group of people

What I like is that the people at Qexpertise always think along with us. When we have a problem, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We consult and they often immediately have an idea for a good solution. Even if something doesn’t exist, they can fix it with a piece of customization. We can never achieve that broad expertise if we hire someone ourselves. And their lines to Exact are very short, which is of course also very pleasant. It’s just a nice, knowledgeable group of people. I am very satisfied and happy that we chose Qexpertise.

Discover the balance between external knowledge and internal expertise

Qexpertise helps organizations to work more efficiently for their investments to pay back quickly. Our variety of software solutions offers us the unique opportunity to offer your organization the solution for your automation issue.


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