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HVEG Fashion Group

Industry knowledge

"The team has a lot of experience and very specific industry knowledge, which works very well"

HVEG Fashion Group is the umbrella organization of a range of internationally operating fashion and fashion related companies specializing in private label articles for men, women, children, babies and accessories. In addition to private label, HVEG Fashion Group is also involved in various brand activities. They use Navision in combination with TRIMIT. To complete satisfaction, says Remco Vermeij, CFO at HVEG Fashion Group.

Private Label

We develop private label collections, consisting of both clothing and accessories, for chain stores in Fashion Retail, Supermarket Retail, Discount Retail and also Online Retail. Our customers select the items they want to include in their range. We then purchase these items in the Far East, which is coordinated and guided by our own organizations in Bangladesh and China. We ensure that the customer receives those articles at the right time, in the right quality and at the right price. In this way we take the entire process off the hands of the customer. We do this from our locations in Leusden, Eindhoven and Enschede. In Germany we have another branch that is strong in coats.

Brand activities

From our location in Leusden, we are also involved in brand activities. For example, we market under our own brand name Bram’s Paris jeans, with Bamboo Basics we focus on silky soft bamboo underwear for men and women and with Twinlife we ​​have been launching a successful modern casual Dutch clothing brand for men since 2020.

Standard solution with fashion-related functionalities

Until 2016, we worked with a version of Navision, which included many custom adjustments. About five years ago we made the choice to switch to a standard solution, whereby we could make use of functionalities that are specifically applicable in the textile industry, such as sizes and size-color matrices. Navision in combination with TRIMIT offers such a standard solution that fits very well with our company.

Container management

What also contributed to the choice for TRIMIT is the container management function. We purchase our products in the Far East and arrange transport from the ports there to Rotterdam ourselves. This requires secure coordination and follow-up, whereby multiple orders from multiple customers are transported in one container. With the container management function in TRIMIT you can follow the orders throughout the entire process. Thanks to a so-called container card, it is clear which orders have to be placed in which container, then you can monitor the shipment at container level and report it in its entirety when the goods arrive in the warehouse. An indispensable function for companies that import textiles by sea freight.


We work with various systems that are linked to Navision. For example, Continia, the software for scanning and approving invoices, is linked to our accounts payable administration. The warehouse management system, a third-party solution that we use to control our warehouse, is also integrated with Navision. The purchase and sales orders that are in Navision are linked to that system in order to be able to control the process within the warehouse very carefully.


Creating such links is often custom-made, these are complicated processes. For that reason, they are often also intensive processes, which we managed to do nicely with the help of Qexpertise.


The collaboration with Qexpertise is very pleasant. We are very satisfied with both the TRIMIT solution and the Qexpertise team. The team has a lot of knowledge and experience, and our consultant also has a lot of specific industry knowledge, she understands very well how processes work at our type of companies, which switches very easily. We certainly still have a lot of ambition to set up things together in the future.

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