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Substantial growth

"Haval achieves good results together with Qexpertise"

“Haval annually produces more than 5,000,000,000 disposables and packaging for wholesalers and producers in the food industry. This naturally requires full integration of the financial, logistics and production flows and digitization of the purchasing process and financial reporting. But that was not always so obvious.” Henri Kanters, Operations Manager at Haval, speaking.

Substantial growth

Every year at Haval we produce more than 5,000,000,000 products - disposables and packaging - purely for the food market. Innovation, food safety and quality are important values ​​for our company. We were once small and our business operations were clear. For logistics and production we were able to work very well with Excel, for invoicing we switched to Exact for DOS in the late 1980s, which of course later became Exact for Windows. Once we started to grow considerably, it turned out that working with Excel was not ideal, something went wrong quite often. Sales orders were forgotten or not invoiced, our inventory requirements were not in sight. In short, it was impossible to foresee.

Professionalization process

When I returned to Haval as Operations Manager – after a few years of different experiences – my first assignment was to make a professional move. Automation was of course part of that. We still only did the invoicing in Exact and I thought it was time to look for an integrated solution, in which – in addition to the financial administration – there was also a place for the logistics and production flows, supplemented with digitization of the purchasing process and from which we moreover, could obtain valuable management information.

A good click

In 2015 we spoke with a few dealers, including Qexpertise. We immediately felt a good click there. At the end of that year we decided to have a situation analysis carried out by Qexpertise. Their people have spoken extensively with our people. By combining the existing situation with the requirements and wishes that we set for a future package, we have come up with a proposal. We have made the step to Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise for financial, logistics (purchasing, sales, stock) and production administration. We have started using ScanSys for our invoice management and thanks to the interactive reporting software from Sumatra we have real-time insight into all processes. This has resulted in a modern and future-proof total solution that covers the reliability of the flows between purchasing, sales, delivery and invoicing for one hundred percent.

Not a paper tiger

Why did we choose Qexpertise? Every Exact dealer has more or less the same story, so it comes down to the feeling you have about a company and its people. During the first meeting we already had a good click with Walther van Gool, our account manager at Qexpertise. Even when we got into conversation with Marc Pit, the general manager, that feeling was just right. Qexpertise suits us, it’s that simple. We are an SME company, employing sixty people, we run 24/7. If we’re not waiting for something, it’s a paper tiger. We need a partner with a hands-on approach, and we found that in Qexpertise. They look at what happens in practice and how they can make this as easy as possible for everyone.


We got to know each other in 2015, and trust was there from the very first moment. In all those years, that trust has never been damaged. If there is anything at all, they will immediately find it out for us. Yes, I can really say that together we have achieved a good result that everyone is happy with and the end of which is not yet in sight.

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