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GLX Europe

"We have made such a big step forward, everything is now clear in a few clicks"

GLX is a product of high-quality men's shirts and tailored clothing. GLX's strength lies in the fact that they have their own production lines in Southeast Asia, so that they themselves control the quality, offer flexibility and guarantee timely delivery, regardless of the order quantity. Tineke van Zwieten, centipede at GLX Europe, explains the challenges the organization faced and why they chose TRIMIT and Qexpertise.

From exceptions to each other

At GLX Europe we do not make our own collections, we look for the best fabric and styling in consultation with our customers to arrive at a high-quality and affordable product. We work for brands as well as retailers. This ensures that a different approach is needed for each customer, including in the administrative field. Nothing is standard, many exceptions.

Strong growth

Until about six years ago we kept track of everything we did in Excel and all communication was done by e-mail. When we experienced a lot of growth in a short period of time, it no longer turned out to be a workable situation. There was no analysis, little insight into company data.

We went looking for a management information system that would make life easier for us. Not an easy task, given the many exceptions we work with. And then we also work with Mac computers, while many systems only work on Windows.

Very satisfied

Via via we came into contact with Qexpertise. They gave us a presentation and that looked promising. In addition, they were able to guarantee us that TRIMIT, despite being based on Microsoft Dynamics, could also run on Mac computers. In 2016 we made the decision to continue with Qexpertise. Because of our many exceptions, some customization was needed. At first, things got a little rough. On our side, someone had to be freed up full-time for this project, which in practice did not always work. On the Qexpertise side, there were many personnel changes in the initial phase of the collaboration, which also did not help. That has since improved. I work a lot with Sula Heimgartner, Senior Delivery Services Staff at Qexpertise, and I'm really happy with that. Not only do I get along well with her, the issue management is also in her professional hands. Four times a year a consultant comes along, and we go through everything and then I can also indicate where I still see room for improvement. I can only say that cooperation is now very pleasant.

Insightful in a few clicks

TRIMIT works especially well when the system is kept up-to-date and the users sometimes have some trouble with that. At first glance, TRIMIT seems complicated by all the possibilities it has, but once you realize the logic of the steps, it’s already a lot easier. The base is now standing. There are still wishes that we want to address in the future. Because there are still plenty of possibilities within the TRIMIT package with which we can still get started with, but that is not the priority at the moment. We have already made such a big step forward, especially in terms of accounting. I had to struggle through Excel lists and emails if I needed certain information, now all the information is insightful in a few clicks.

Discover the balance between external knowledge and internal expertise

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