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Centa Nederland

Rest in the tent

"Qexpertise helps us as if they are part of our organization"

CENTA is the global market leader in elastic drive components for industrial, marine and energy applications. CENTA Nederland industrial, marine and energy applications. CENTA Nederland has its office in Stellendam, one of the most important fishing ports in the Netherlands. As a result, the organization quickly acquired a place in the maritime market. Since 1998 it can even call itself the market leader in the Netherlands. René Londema, Business Manager at CENTA Nederland, about growth, more efficient work processes and peace of mind.

Moving train

Relationships are very important in the maritime market, everything revolves around performance and technology. We understand that like no other. As a result, we have been growing considerably in recent years. This has consequences for the organization. We work here with a nice club of technical people. Together we do everything from sales to technology and handling requests. It is still lacking that we pack everything ourselves. Replenishing that team is next to impossible. We are like a moving train, and just jumping on it is not easy. Our people have so much knowledge in their heads that you cannot just capture that. In order to be able to do more work, we had to organize our processes more efficiently.


At CENTA we have been working with modules of the Exact software for years, both with Exact Globe NEXT and Exact Synergy Enterprise. We have been using Exact Synergy since 2006, but over the years it had actually become a kind of card catalog with customers. When we decided to streamline more processes, it was therefore very logical to contact Exact first. They could not provide us with the right people and referred us to Qexpertise. This is how the first contact arose. I immediately had a good feeling about the collaboration. I met people who understood my questions and wishes. Both Marc and Fernando work in a very structured way, are friendly, understand their business and – perhaps most important to me – they understand the impact on our company when things go wrong.

Efficient workflows

Qexpertise has helped us set up our relationship management (CRM) and develop efficient workflows for various application processes. These processes consist of accepting requests from customers, issuing quotations, processing the orders, actual production and ultimately delivery. This process now takes place entirely via workflows in Exact Synergy, after which the final delivery and invoicing take place in Exact Globe. All work processes within Exact are now fully automated, the information provision is much better and more transparent than before, allowing us to act much faster and more adequately.

Rest in the tent

What I like is that the Qexpertise team understands that I cannot always take on the pioneering role. It is not my primary goal to automate, I want to help our business processes in the smartest way. We do employ an IT worker ourselves, but he alone does not have the capacity to develop new things. Qexpertise helps us as if they are part of our organization, it feels. They have brought uniformity to the way our people receive information, which brings peace to the tent. This allows us to put our energy into more useful things, such as our customers.

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