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"We now always have reliable and relevant management information available"

Aboma has been the expert in the field of safety, quality and sustainability in the construction and vertical transport sector since 1960. With a team of about 120 specialists, Aboma focuses on expert (project) guidance, carrying out inspections and offering training. The organization has been working with Exact software for a number of years. Michel Bilstra, ICT manager at Aboma, explains how Qexpertise has helped them redesign the automation. As a result, the Aboma team can now collaborate easily and adequately and everyone always has reliable and relevant management information available.

Looking for a more flexible partner

About seven years ago we opted for Exact software, Exact Globe & Exact Synergy to be precise. We only have a small IT department, so we asked consultants from the Exact head office to set up the environment for us. Unfortunately, their method turned out not to suit us completely. We are a company that operates very flexibly. With our team of 120 men and women, we are very agile. Exact, on the other hand, is a large organization that supplies wonderful software, but turned out not to be that flexible. We gradually came to the conclusion that we need a smaller, more flexible partner to really get the most out of the software.

Fast Shifting

We then entered into talks with various Exact partners. We immediately had a good feeling at Qexpertise. Rightly so, as practice has shown. Qexpertise is a flexible partner who thinks along with us and with whom we can switch quickly. If we need extra capacity once, because there is a calamity or because we want to deploy a functionality at short notice, they can always arrange something so that we can be helped quickly.

Transparent and relevant

Our biggest challenge was to set up the core processes in Exact exactly in such a way that our information flows are quickly and easily visible to the different layers and branches of the organization. The associated document flow also had to be more efficient. Not everything we want is standard in Exact. Qexpertise has ensured that with additional add-ons and apps, the Exact environment still meets our needs. For example, they have organized our processes and workflows as efficiently as possible, without the need for customization of the software. All our work processes have now been automated and our information provision is very transparent. This allows us to collaborate easily and adequately and we always have reliable and relevant management information available.

Valuable input

Qexpertise has helped us very well in optimizing our work processes and provided our ICT team with the necessary operational guidance. The consultants, whether our regular consultant Eduard Winterman or contact person John Bijster or one of his colleagues, have thorough knowledge of the software and think along with us. Sometimes I have a certain solution in mind. Then Eduard, with his knowledge and expertise, can come up with surprising alternatives. That input is very valuable.

Discover the balance between external knowledge and internal expertise

Qexpertise helps organizations to work more efficiently for their investments to pay back quickly. Our variety of software solutions offers us the unique opportunity to offer your organization the solution for your automation issue.


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